Yacht Captain & Crew Services

One category of employee that merits special consideration in a new era of international tax cooperation and inter governmental agreement is those crewing and providing services within the yachting fraternity. Do not for one minute be fooled into believing you are a special case and will be dealt with differently by tax authorities. There is a very specific need to ensure that your tax residency is clearly defined and your domicile is firmly established. Tax authorities are closing loopholes that might previously have existed for those adopting a nomadic existence as far as their residency is concerned.

We provide specialist financial planning services tailored to expatriates working on board ship based on a clear understanding of some very different and specific needs both for the time you are working on board and for your life after you finish your yachting career.  Of course there is an advantage of working with a wealth management firm affiliated to Gibraltar’s oldest legal practice, themselves experts in the maritime world and in business since 1892. You know that whether you are resident in Spain, France, Gibraltar or even back in the UK there will be an expert financial planner available to take care of your needs now and in the future.

The services that we offer includes:

The yachting fraternity can also benefit from the expertise of our wealth management and financial planning services which we have been providing to expatriate clients with the added benefit of knowing that we have a clear understanding of the specific needs of yacht crew. So whether you are currently based in Gibraltar, Puerto Banus, Valencia, Palma or the south of France contact us on Tel: +350 200 50982 or email to find out how we can help.