Tax Wrappers

Tax Wrappers are an increasingly important financial planning tool and are a highly tax efficient and simple way of holding an investment portfolio. They can be suitable for individuals, trusts or companies and offer some unique benefits and tax planning opportunities. With careful financial planning tax can be deferred and applied at a time to suit the individual's circumstances. For UK residents there are a number of tax planning opportunities because a tax wrapper will allow a withdrawal of up to 5% per annum which is deemed to be return of original capital and which can continue for up to twenty years without triggering any tax charge. With careful financial planning final encashment, which will incur a tax liability, can be made at a time when an individual is subject to a lower rate of tax, or in the case of someone intending to move offshore and become an expat at a time when no longer resident in the UK and subject to UK tax.

For Non Doms living in the UK tax wrappers provide a tax planning opportunity which is not available when money is held on deposit or in other forms of investment and can in many instances be an ideal financial planning tool.

As part of the expat financial planning advice we offer we can provide a version of the tax wrapper that is specifically for expatriates resident in Spain. The tax planning opportunities that this version offers expats makes this an ideal investment vehicle for Spanish tax residents to invest lump sums in an extremely tax efficient way.

Across the EU we are able to offer country specific tax wrappers such as for Italy, France, Portugal, Germany and Sweden to name a few.

We arrange tax wrappers and offer valuable tax advice (onshore and offshore) to UK residents and UK Non-Doms as well as expatriates and in addition to advising on the wrapper itself, our investment advice ensures that the underlying investments within the wrapper are carefully selected to meet our clients attitude to risk and return expectations. As Wealth Management, investments and retirement planning experts  we will continually monitor your investment portfolio and provide you with regular on going investment advice.

In summary tax wrappers offer:

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