Second Opinion

Never has there been a greater need for access to a professional second opinion when it comes to your financial planning requirements. A second opinion can help determine if your investment portfolio is properly structured to achieve your investment or retirement goals which may well have changed since your original plan was devised or you may just have accumulated a variety of individual arrangements without any formal financial planning taking place.

 A second opinion gives you the opportunity to change course before it is too late. Whether you are dissatisfied with the services you have received, seek the expertise of an established wealth management practice affiliated to Gibraltar’s oldest legal firm founded in 1892 or merely curious, a second opinion provides you the opportunity to ask questions that maybe you thought you should have asked previously but have never done so.

Taking a second opinion from Fiduciary Wealth will give you: 

  • An independent and objective review of your financial planning arrangements.

  • A thorough analysis of your investment portfolio.

  • An opportunity to ask questions.

  • Peace of mind from knowing that you have done your research and considered all the options.

  • A chance to take advantage of any tax or legal changes that could improve your financial planning.

  • A pricing review to ensure that your plans are competitively structured as far as costs and charges are concerned.

For a second opinion please contact a financial consultant on Tel: +350 200 50982 or email