Fiduciary Wealth provides protectorship services for trusts and foundations where the settlor, founder or appointer wishes to engage the services of a financial adviser or consultant to oversee the mandate of those institutions empowered with the management of client/family assets.

There may be conflict when the same group is providing a client/family with trustee or foundation council services whilst at the same time providing investment advice. This can compromise the ability to provide impartial advice and ultimately lead to a possible legal challenge from dissatisfied clients.

There can also be a danger for fiduciaries that rely on banks as a source of business. In this situation it can be extremely difficult to perform fiduciary duties particularly in ensuring that the assets are being managed prudently in accordance with the objectives of the trust and/or foundation.

We provide corporate entities which offer an all encompassing service, including fiduciary and investment management services to the same client/family, an option which will avoid potential conflicts and enable them to fulfil their fiduciary duties. Equally we also provide protectorship services directly to a client/family where no conflicts exist but who require the services of a professional firm to oversee the investment mandate.

Furthermore we are able to tailor our service within the protectorship umbrella to suit the specific requirements of the settlor, founder or appointer of the client/family structure. These can include:

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