Malta Residency



A non-domiciled Maltese tax resident person is not subject to tax on world-wide income however they would still be expected to pay tax on any Malta sourced income as well as foreign sourced income which is received or remitted to Malta. This would then be subject to progressive rates of tax which after tax deductibles of just under €12,000 reach 32% for amounts below €30,000 and peak at 35% once taxable income reaches €60,000. There are two available routes to residency as follows:

Retirement Plan Scheme

Introduced in 2012 and aimed at retirees who are not in employment and therefore in receipt of earned income. The basic conditions that need to be satisfied to qualify for the retirement plan scheme are as follows:

High Net Worth Individual (HNWI) Scheme

This is a special tax status in Malta which allows persons from the European Union, European Economic Area and Switzerland to establish residency subject to certain qualifying conditions. Tax residency is valid for an indefinite period provided that all the relevant conditions are fulfilled on a continuing basis. The basic conditions that need to be satisfied to qualify for the high net worth individual scheme are as follows:

The earned income of such an individual which is remitted to Malta is taxed at 15%. HNWI’s have a right to claim double taxation relief where the minimum amount of tax payable exceeds €20,000 per annum however they are also liable to a flat tax of €2,500 per annum for each dependant. Any other chargeable sources of income are subject to tax at a rate of 35%.

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