Insurance: Protecting Your Family

With careful planning you can protect your family financially whatever the future holds. Ask yourself these questions and then speak to one of our financial planners.

What lump sum will my dependents need to ensure that they can maintain the same standard of living in the event of death or critical illness?

Can insurance help mitigate the cost of succession tax or inheritance tax and help protect my assets for my beneficiaries?

What happens if I am ill and cannot work? How will I cope without a regular income?

Do we need private medical insurance to help with expensive hospital bills in the event that one of us should be hospitalised?

Do I need special insurance cover when working overseas?

Insurance is all about safeguarding your own or your families’ lifestyle in case the worst should happen and our financial planners can provide you with a solution that will ensure financial stability for your loved ones if you become ill or die. There are wide range of products available each serving a different purpose and for most people one single protection product isn’t enough. Think what you want to protect and then speak to one of our financial advisers who will be able to assess your protection needs, help you prioritise them and then get you the best deal.

For additional information about our insurance services visit Life Assurance or General Insurance.

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