Family Office

We are able to provide the full spectrum of family office services including administrative, logistical and advisory support services to families requiring assistance with their financial and business affairs. Although some of these services are outsourced to specialist providers and professionals management and control often rests with the family office to provide a seamless and fully-integrated service. FWM can either run your family office entirely or as a consultant to key family members. Essentially the structure and services we offer are tailored in accordance with the family’s circumstances and requirements. Whilst smaller family structures may choose to buy-in specific services, be they investment advisory or fiduciary expertise, for the larger family we can provide an all-in service. The service is not just about tailored advice it also encompasses identifying and accomplishing family goals in an efficient, effective and timely manner and more generally providing strategic direction for the family’s affairs.

Our services include:

Banking Relationships

Investment Management

Accounting and Reporting


Professional Advisers

Concierge Services

A comprehensive suite of services are available to suit either the family or key family members’ needs.

To speak directly to a family offices expert or wealth management professional or for further information Tel: +350 200 50982 or email