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Would your Finances Benefit from a FREE Second Opinion?

We are all bombarded with information these days that can sometimes become a bit overwhelming. That’s particularly true of our business where there is so much jargon and so many different opinions and options. Sometimes you may end up doing nothing just because that seems the easiest choice even though you probably realise that it might be detrimental to your financial well being. You came to Spain to get away from having to worry about who to go to for financial advice – it never said anything about that in the brochures about living the dream in Costa del Sol!

But wouldn’t you be concerned if your pensions and investments continually underperformed and yet your financial adviser never offered you the opportunity of an explanation or even carried out a regular financial planning review?

Shouldn’t you seek an alternative investment management opinion rather than signing on the dotted line without knowing the terms and the costs and charges of the investment that is being recommended to you?

So here we can announce a new service we are offering throughout Spain, the opportunity to have, without obligation, a meeting with one of our expert financial advisers to provide you with a second opinion about the pensions and investments product you have been recommended or have previously purchased.

Perhaps you are happy with the product you purchased but now need some proper investment management advice or perhaps you have lost contact with the person who originally sold the product to you; perhaps he or his firm are no longer trading and you need someone to turn to, to ensure you are on the right track.

Or perhaps you have self-managed your pensions and investments for some time now and have decided that this is all getting a little too much for you and although you would still like to have some involvement in decisions you would rather leave it to professionals to look after your investment management portfolio.

Maybe there is a more competitive option for your retirement funds than the one you currently have. Isn’t it worth finding out?

There are countless reasons why taking a second opinion about your financial planning from a professional firm such as ourselves might make all the difference to your financial future. What have you got to lose, just an hour or so of your time and then you can get back to enjoying your life?

We would like to start by offering you a FREE private consultation (worth £500) to assess your current financial position and explain how our Spanish tax reduction strategies can help. If you already have a clear understanding of your current situation we can offer a FREE tax planning assessment instead (worth £1,000). Just think you will be getting FREE advice on tax planning for Spanish residents as well as retirement, savings and wealth tax mitigation strategies.

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