You have a right to a second opinion.

Fiduciary Wealth Team

Not sure about the financial advice you have received and is this putting you off making a decision or have you had advice previously that you are now unsure of? Perhaps you have transferred your UK pension into QROPS and are unhappy with the investments you have been recommended or perhaps the costs and charges are weighing heavily on the performance of your funds. Maybe you have an investment bond that was suitable for UK residents but liable to hefty tax charges in Spain and needs changing into a Spanish compliant version? Perhaps you have been advised to invest into QNUPS primarily as a way of avoiding UK inheritance tax and are worried what the consequences might be when you die.

If you are uncomfortable with the advice you have received  why not make an appointment with Fiduciary Wealth and seek a second opinion.  Your circumstances may have changed or your original adviser may no longer be able to assist or you may just feel more comfortable in speaking to a qualified firm of advisers who offer tax led financial advice coupled with a strong asset management capability.

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