You deserve one of these options.

Fiduciary Wealth Team



Highest rate of tax 50%.

Min.Tax £22,000 - Max.Tax £29,880

Most savings taxed at highest rate.

No savings tax.

No wealth tax but CGT

No wealth tax.

Pensions taxed at highest rate.

No tax on occupational pension schemes.

Dividends taxed

No tax on dividends.

VAT 20%


IHT at 40% on assets >£325,000


Are you a UK resident paying 50% tax on your earnings, VAT at 20% and have a 40% inheritance tax liability on all of your assets over £325,000? Or have you been living in Spain and now find that the latest tax increases are just too much to bear?

Have you considered the potential benefits of taking up residency in Gibraltar on a “category 2” status?

It is not just the wealthy who can benefit. Are you aware there is a flat corporate tax rate of 10% for businesses? And there is an attractive tax rate for highly skilled executives (HEPSS) moving to Gibraltar to work as well as a special tax status for those likely to have retired and living off pension and investment income?

If you are considering changing residency or have clients, individuals or businesses looking to exit the UK please contact us on +350 200 50982 or email