Worried the tax authorities will find out about your undeclared offshore assets?

Fiduciary Wealth Team

Do you own undeclared offshore assets?

Are these held in an offshore company or trust?

Do you hold a UK bond (suitable for UK residents) yet remain Spanish resident?

Are you aware that more than 80 countries have signed up to FATCA to combat tax evasion and improve global tax transparency?

Have your professional advisers not told you that participating countries have formal agreements drawn up to automatically exchange information on tax payers?

Did you know that the tax authorities are working in close cooperation to determine the true residency of tax payers?

Do you realise that there is no hiding place?

Are you now clear on one point – tax evasion will cause you a great deal of physical and financial pain?

Worried the tax man is about to catch up? Don’t bury your head in the sand act now! The window of opportunity is closing fast!

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