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My Financial Adviser

My adviser told me he was regulated in Spain and the UK but I cannot find him on the FSA register so how do I find out if this is true?

My adviser told me I would not have to pay tax in Spain on my UK investments and would not even have to declare them.

My adviser told me that I did not need any paperwork or information confirming the amount of commission his firm was earning for advising me.

My adviser told me they would constantly review my investments and keep me abreast of what was happening. I have not heard from him since I made my original investment and that was over four years ago. Surely things are different now and something should have changed?

My adviser told me I was a low risk investor and then promptly arranged an investment where all my money was held in one single fund which turned out to be high risk anyway.

My adviser outsourced all investment decisions to a third party and wouldn’t accept any responsibility when things started to go wrong.

My adviser told me all about changes to QROPS rules and how these pensions had previously been missold with 100% cash commutations from New Zealand schemes. He then proceeded to tell me how I could bend the latest rules and receive more than the amount approved by HMRC for a lump sum payment.

My adviser told me he understood how my UK savings would be taxed as a resident in Spain as I was about to move there and then advised me to invest in a UK offshore bond which I later found out was not Spanish compliant and not suitable for Spanish residents.

My adviser told me that the best way to invest was to split my lump sum between a clean energy investment, a viatical fund and a scheme promoting hotel rooms in Cape Verde. Unfortunately this has proved disastrous.

My adviser told me that I had to have a tax wrapper if I wanted to invest in QROPS or QNUPS and that 10% commission was standard industry practice.

My adviser is affiliated to Isolas 1892 Gibraltar’s oldest legal practice. They are regulated by the Financial Services Commission in Gibraltar and passport their services into Spain and Portugal as well as the UK where they have an FSA authorised branch in Central London very close to Oxford Street. My adviser took their time to understand me and my investment goals and objectives. My adviser explained in writing the fees and commissions they would receive and why they recommended particular investments and funds. My adviser regularly updates me on how my funds are performing and what is happening in the market place.

My adviser is from Fiduciary Wealth Management. Their email address is  and their telephone number is 956 796 911. Shouldn’t they be your advisers too?

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