What hat does your financial planner wear?

Fiduciary Wealth Team

Did you go into your first meeting with your financial adviser and immediately be asked for five referrals and then been sold the product the adviser wanted you to have without hardly being asked any questions. Does this sound familiar? Is this the way you were treated? Is it any surprise that you thought you were just being sold a product and that commission was the only thing on the adviser’s mind?

Our wealth management process is fundamentally different. A certified financial planner will carry out a detailed fact finding process by asking you questions about you, the stage you have reached in your financial life, your goals and your financial objectives. By doing this the financial planner will establish whether there are any gaps in your current arrangements or where these can be improved. Only by asking questions and finding out about YOU can the proper financial planning process begin.

So what’s it to be can you ring me with some names and addresses or do you want to meet and have a proper discussion, without obligation, about your financial needs? You can contact a financial consultant by ringing +34900102374 or email