Unhappy with your financial adviser?

Fiduciary Wealth Team

Are you disappointed or worse with the service and recommendations you have received from your financial consultant when it comes to your pensions and investments? On reflection did they promise you a wealth management service and in reality you were sold a product and that was it. No ongoing advice, no regular reviews and maybe no adviser if he has moved on or his company has folded or stopped giving advice. Wouldn’t you feel more comfortable if your investments were looked after by a firm with substantial backing and part of a large group and yet still flexible enough to provide the personal service and ongoing investment management advice that you crave.

Isn’t it time you at least sought a second opinion, you have spent a lifetime building up your investments and accumulating your wealth, wouldn’t it make sense to have these reviewed by a regulated firm that specialises in international tax planning. Call +34900102374 or email for a review consultation at our expense. What have you got to lose?