Rather than worrying about keeping your savings in a bank – do something about it

Fiduciary Wealth Team

Do you still trust your bank? Worried that your savings are safe in the event that your bank needs a bail-out? Keeping money offshore or in Spain? Fed up with all the scandals, the misselling and sheer fact that money on deposit earns little interest and yet you are still paying tax whether you withdraw this interest or not.

Would you not like to be able to defer tax until you need to withdraw your funds and then depending on your country of residence pay little or no tax on the money you withdraw? How about boosting your net income and spending power by paying less tax on regular withdrawals?  Would you not like to minimise the risk that your beneficiaries might have to pay tax on the money they inherit?

Whether you live in the UK or Europe there is likely to be a solution for you. Find out your best option by calling us on +350 200 50982 or emailing