Stockmarket Chaos

Fiduciary Wealth Team

Over the last three years investors have had to suffer a rollercoaster ride as markets have lurched from one crisis to another. From financial meltdown in 2008 to bailouts for Greece and Portugal, the devastating effects of the earthquake and tsunami in Japan and now a downgrading for the US there has been plenty to worry about.

Combine this with the meager returns available from traditional deposit based investments and general uncertainty over the stability of the banking sector, it is easy to understand why investors have become and continue to be nervous when it comes to taking advice on their savings and retirement funds.

How comfortable have you been with the advice that you have been getting? Has your adviser been pro-actively managing your investments and keeping you up to speed with what is happening? Does your adviser really understand your objectives and do you have a strategy in place to ensure that you have the right asset allocation to match your attitude to risk? Or do you prefer to go it alone and then take knee jerk decisions following market events, a strategy which more than often, in our experience, sees clients selling near the bottom of the market and then buying once prices have moved forward and missing the opportunity to maximise potential profit. Perhaps you are even tempted by one of the rash of new investments we seem to be seeing on an almost daily basis, promising all sorts of returns by investing in everything from hotel rooms on exotic islands through to various new energy strategies or an almost limitless supply of weird and wonderful commodity options.

Here at Fiduciary Wealth we pride ourselves in the personal service we offer our investment clients. As independent investment advisers our allegiance is to our clients and not to any particular investment house or product. We don’t believe in the herd mentality, we know all clients are different and treat them as such. What we will do is carefully assess your requirements and put in place a strategy that suits your individual needs. By carefully monitoring fund performance and market data we aim to provide you with an investment solution that satisfies your expectations.

Whatever your investment requirements it makes sense to discuss these with one of our advisers. Perhaps you have a retirement fund that needs managing to ensure that you have sufficient funds available when you choose to stop working. Or maybe you already have a pension fund in drawdown or in a QROPS and you are looking to achieve the right investment balance to ensure that you have sufficient income now and in the future with the hope that you will be able to pass on some of the wealth that you have created to future generations.

Alternatively you may be in the position where you are trying to build a capital base by investing for you and your families’ future or perhaps you have a need to protect the wealth that you accumulated from future capital erosion.

Whatever your circumstances you can rest assured that we at Fiduciary Wealth will first get to understand you and your specific requirements and then put in place an agreed strategy that will aim to achieve your objectives. If you feel this is the right approach for you or your clients please contact us on +350 200 50982.