Spanish resident holding UK investments?

Fiduciary Wealth Team

Are you one of the many British expatriates that move to Spain and then forgets the investments held are tax efficient for UK tax payers but totally tax inefficient from a Spanish perspective? Have you sought proper financial advice to ensure you are not exposing yourself unnecessarily to tax? Are your UK based advisers conversant with Spanish law and able to advise you on how to restructure your financial affairs in Spain to mitigate income tax, avoid capital gains tax and circumvent Spanish succession taxes on first death? An automatic exchange of information agreement between UK and Spain called FATCA will result in your financial information being shared with the Spanish tax authorities. Do you realise that this may cost you very dearly if (i) you have not disclosed (ii) they are not structured correctly to mitigate tax in Spain (iii) the UK/Spanish inheritance tax issue has not been considered?

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