Retirement Planning

Fiduciary Wealth Team

A recent survey by Barings discovered the following:

  • 48% of working Brits have never reviewed their pension plans
  • 38% accepted the default option for the pension scheme
  • 33% do not know where their pension is invested
  • 13% take advice from friends or family on asset allocation

If you then consider the average 55 year old will have a life span of 88 years their pension is likely to have to fund a retirement of possibly 25 years or more. Combine this with the tax charges on death where tax free cash has been released there is a real danger that without proper pension planning many families could well face a difficult retirement.

Whether you are building your fund, close to retirement or considering drawing your benefits in the UK or abroad it is clear that you need sound practical advice.

We will be delighted to help you or your clients with their pension planning requirements. Use the most convenient telephone number on the bulletin to make an appointment or email