QROPS and QNUPS Advice - A complete financial solution for Expatriates?

Fiduciary Wealth Team

Do you spend more than 183 days a year in your second country?

Do you try and keep under the radar of the local tax authorities pretending to be a UK resident?

Are you drawing down income on your UK pension at your highest marginal rate which could be 40% possibly 50%?

Do you hold your wealth or financial assets in an offshore jurisdiction to avoid paying taxes on savings?

Are you relying on offshore company structures, trusts or foundations to escape taxes?

Have you been made aware the EU has appointed an expert working group to close existing loopholes in the EU Savings Directive and prevent tax evasion?

Has anyone advised you that there are legitimate ways of reducing your overall tax liability and ensuring your financial affairs’ are all in order?

For maximum tax efficiency you can transfer your UK pension into a QROPS and your non pension assets including property, fine art, antiques as well as financial assets be it cash or investments into a QNUPS (Qualifying Non UK Pensions Scheme) arrangement.

Combined they offer a powerful and effective tax efficient financial planning solution for expatriates or those planning to exit the UK, to move both pension and non pension assets out of the UK with the benefit of being able pass the proceeds tax free to beneficiaries* and enjoy a significant tax saving on the income taken from these assets, dependent of course on new tax residency status.

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