Protectorship - Not convinced you are receiving professional, objective and impartial advice

Fiduciary Wealth Team

Are you concerned about the management of either family or personal wealth through a trust, foundation or corporate structure?

Is the fiduciary providing trustee and foundation council services also responsible for providing investment advice through a subsidiary or affiliated firm? Do you know if the investment advice has been outsourced to a private bank or asset manager which is closely associated to the fiduciary?

Have you considered the possibility that your fiduciary provider is conflicted and therefore their ability to provide impartial and best advice has being compromised?

If you require a second pair of eyes to ensure family or personal wealth is being managed in accordance with the objectives of the trust and/or foundation give us a call and find out more about our risk management solutions.

Alternatively if your concerns are more deep rooted for an independent option which avoids potential conflicts why not consider our protectorship services.

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