Melting Trust or Malta Trust?

Fiduciary Wealth Team

Are you aware of a new global standard in automatic exchange of information commonly known as FATCA? Have your financial advisers told you that FATCA looks through offshore companies and trusts? Do you really need a trust structure which provides no tangible tax benefits? Are you being advised by a firm of international tax advisers and wealth managers who hold your Spanish tax wrapper within a Malta trust? Have they not told you that nowadays most Spanish tax wrapper providers provide a policy document that avoids Spanish succession taxes between spouses on first death?

What is the purpose then of using a Malta trust other than to pay unnecessary fees to your so called professional advisers? Have you been gently persuaded not to bring down the Malta trust to avoid disclosures being made to the Spanish tax authorities? Perhaps the faith you had in the firm that handles your financial affairs is melting away? Disappointed? Angry? Sad?

Do you feel you want to get out but they have boxed you in? Are you being prevented from exiting these structures? Don’t be fooled into submission!

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