Is it important to monitor investments?

Fiduciary Wealth Team

Monitoring investments helps your financial adviser keep track of their performance compared to the client’s original objectives. Regular reviews also ensure that the investments in a client’s portfolio remain in line with changes in their goals, risk tolerance, personal circumstances or financial situation. A review can also show whether the asset allocation needs to be changed to ensure it remains in line with attitude to risk.

The FCA recognise the importance of this, our certified financial planners understand it so why is it that we so often speak to clients who were sold a portfolio and have never had their investments reviewed? Are they too lazy, incompetent or just downright embarrassed to speak to their clients and carry out a review of the investments they recommended?

As a leading wealth management firm we take our responsibilities seriously. We recognise the importance of continually monitoring your pensions and investments. Isn’t that the type of service you would prefer? If so take the opportunity to arrange a private consultation with one of our certified financial planners. A financial consultant will gladly review your existing portfolio and the first meeting is always at our expense. Call +34900102374 or email