Introduction to Fiduciary Wealth Management Limited

Fiduciary Wealth Team

Allow us the opportunity to introduce ourselves. Fiduciary Wealth Management is the specialist private wealth arm of the “Fiduciary Group” founded in 1982 and affiliated to Gibraltar’s oldest legal practice “Isolas 1892” which as the name suggests can trace its roots back 120 years. We operate from Gibraltar with authorised branches in Spain, Portugal and the UK.

We are a boutique financial advisory and consulting practice offering tax led bespoke wealth management solutions, asset management and a whole range of financial planning services to the British Expatriate community throughout the Iberian Peninsula and the UK. Our business is to help people build, protect and pass on their wealth to secure the futures of those who depend on them.

Where we differ from most of our competitors is that we specialise in cross border issues helping British Expats bridge the gap between their financial assets and requirements in the UK and those in the Iberian Peninsula. We have also earned a strong reputation as a “client driven” practice which seeks first to listen and then to fully understand  individual needs and concerns before proposing a tailored financial solution. We want to know what is important to you. It is based on the principle that “we need to diagnose before we can prescribe.”

We also have the integrity to tell you if we feel that our product or service will not meet your needs. What’s more if we cannot provide a solution we will try our utmost to put you in touch with a professional, say, a tax adviser, who can. This is what makes us stand out from the crowd – we do not sell products we provide holistic solutions. Our objective is to provide service to the customer above all else adding value through speed of delivery and quality of advice.

In the past year we have had clients approach us for a “second opinion” regarding prior advice received and quite often the product they have acquired is neither fit for purpose nor able to stand the test of time. Although advisers do not have a crystal ball to anticipate changes to rules and regulations which may impact negatively on past advice, they should be professional enough to know what does not and will never work before the product is sold.

We take pride in the fact that asset management is one of our core competencies. What is the point of providing tax led wealth management solutions to maximize tax efficiency if the assets are not properly managed? Fiduciary Wealth is able to combine its tax planning strategies with a robust asset management capability to provide an unrivalled integrated service which focuses on investment performance. We are different in that we do not outsource all investment decisions to a third party and the process does not end when the initial investment decision is made.

If you would like to meet one of our advisers for a free initial private consultation please call us on Tel: 956 796 911or email

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