Insurance Website Launch

Fiduciary Wealth Team

We are very pleased to announce the launch of our new website

The name says it all, the site is dedicated to all things insurance, both personal and corporate, and as independent insurance advisers our aim is to find you the best policy to meet your requirements. For some that will mean the most competitive premium whilst for others importance will lie in the quality of cover and the extent of the benefits offered by the insurer.

One thing is for certain, the majority of us have an ongoing need for insurance cover and these needs will change from time to time when for example we move to new country like Spain where the insurance market is much more fragmented, take on a new or increased mortgage, have an addition to the family or realise that an insurance policy could just be the answer to solving a potential inheritance tax liability.

If you are a business owner you will no doubt want to ensure that your insurance costs represent good value, that you are protecting yourself and your business assets and that you offer an appropriate range of employee benefits that will allow you to compete for the very best of staff.

Whatever your insurance requirements ask one of the team at to find the right policy for you. Ask us to review your existing insurances by clicking the button on the website or complete one of our on line request forms. Alternatively give us a ring on +350 200 50982.