Holding unsuitable and inappropriate investments within your QROPS

Fiduciary Wealth Team

Are you one of those investors who has had the great misfortune of trusting an unethical financial adviser working for an unscrupulous firm which has scant regard for the interests of its client? Were you advised to invest your QROPS pension funds in non-mainstream pooled investments lured by promises of high returns for little to no risk?

Were you pushed into investing in illiquid funds such as student accommodation, property funds or life settlements all of which are wholly unsuitable and inappropriate for a pension fund? Was your financial adviser very persuasive convincing you that supposedly low risk funds were capable of consistently producing double digit returns? Are you now unable to access all or a large part of your pension fund due to some of these funds going under or being closed for redemptions?

Are you in dire need of professional financial advice from a reputable firm of certified financial planners specialising in pensions and investments and financial planning generally? If you have reached the end of the line and need reliable advice from a reputable wealth management outfit born out of a very old law practice specialising in QROPS and retirement planning you have found the right firm.

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