Global Tax Residency – where in the world do you want to live?

Fiduciary Wealth Team

Global Tax Residency – where in the world do you want to live?

More and more Brits are on the move and it’s not just the preserve of the retiree market. Technology, flexible working arrangements, faster communication and ease of travel mean that many people choose to establish their business outside of the UK or work abroad. In addition the need to have access to the single market post Brexit means that many currently feel the need to establish their business within the EU.

Several countries have established favourable tax regimes to attract foreign residents- Gibraltar for example has a very favourable tax regime for both companies and individuals and Portugal has a Non Habitual Residency Programme that allows successful applicants to pay zero tax on income sourced outside the country for up to 10 years.

This increased mobility is not just limited to Brits. Many from outside of the EU are attracted to Great Britain for the quality of its’ education, lifestyle and the opportunity to invest in London real estate or perhaps want to take up residency within the Schengen territories and secure residency within the EU.

With our partners, we offer a full Global Residency Service helping clients to obtain residency in their jurisdiction of choice as well as offering access to our Wealth Management services which will enable them to restructure their assets in the most tax efficient way to fit their new place of residency.

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