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Financial Planning on your Doorstep

Welcome to our bulletin outlining the range of tailored financial planning services available to Gibraltar business owners, residents and cross border workers.

Fiduciary Wealth is a Gibraltar based independent financial planning company, part of the Fiduciary Group which was formed in 1982 and affiliated to Isolas 1892, Gibraltar’s oldest legal practice. We are a boutique financial advisory and consulting practice offering bespoke wealth management solutions and financial planning service to private clients, professional intermediaries and businesses throughout the Iberian Peninsula and the UK. Our business is to help clients build, protect and eventually pass on that wealth to secure the futures of those who depend on them.

With branch offices in London, Southern Spain and the Algarve we not only provide a comprehensive range of tax led financial solutions to international and expatriate clients but also a full range of domestic solutions to satisfy client needs in each of our local markets. Our services include everything from insurances and mortgages, retirement planning and investments through to some very specific financial planning issues that will concern many business owners such as the provision of employee benefits, including Gibraltar Approved Pension Plans, Life Assurance, Income Protection and Private Medical Schemes as well as Business and Partnership protection.

For individuals living and/or working in Gibraltar we can help you maximise the financial advantages that Gibraltar offers in terms of investment and retirement planning whilst at the same time taking care of the essentials such as making sure you have the right insurances in place for you and your family as well as sorting out your mortgage arrangements when you move house, buy for the first time or want to release equity.

For business owners our services will not only help you deal with the financial issues that employing staff will entail, but also ensure that your investment in your business, both in terms of time and money will assist you create personal wealth and then protect and eventually transfer that wealth to your beneficiaries.

In a competitive employment market such as Gibraltar, an attractive employee benefits package is an important area that all business owners will need to consider both in terms of the benefit package provided and the cost implications to the company. Here at Fiduciary Wealth not only can we review any existing benefits already in place to ensure that they continue to meet your requirements and are competitively priced, but also assist with the setting up and maintenance of any new or replacement schemes. This not only includes death in service, private medical and income protection schemes but also company pension schemes.

When it comes to the cost driven protection benefits such as death in service and private medical we will look at the options available from a number of different providers before recommending a suitable scheme. By liaising and reviewing your schemes on a regular basis you will always be sure that your arrangements are competitively priced and appropriate for your needs. 

For company pension arrangements we will look at any existing arrangements to see if these need amending or improving. Alternatively if there is no scheme currently in place we can implement a new company pension scheme that adheres to the guidelines for approved pension schemes laid down by the Gibraltar Commissioner of Income Tax. As well as implementing the scheme and putting in place the trustees as required by law, we will act as investment managers to the scheme and conduct meetings with employees to explain the procedures and structure of the scheme and its benefits.

If your company recruits staff from outside of Gibraltar we can provide a complete relocation package to new staff in terms of tax guidance, mortgage finance for property purchase in Gibraltar and Spain, a property search facility within Gibraltar either for rent or purchase and complete financial review in respect of existing pension, savings and insurance arrangements.

For business owners there are specific actions you need to take to protect your investment in your company.

We will assist you in putting in place key man arrangements to protect your business against the financial impact of the death or serious illness of your key personnel. This could be for example, your best sales person or an IT expert. In addition you will need to consider business or partnership protection to deal with the consequences of the death or serious illness of a director or partner. In the event of death, a suitable life policy will ensure that there are sufficient funds available to purchase the deceased’s interest in the business from beneficiaries and in the event of serious illness a lump sum payment in favour of the company can enable a director or partner to withdraw from the business without any detrimental effect to the financial stability of the organisation.

Your own pension and life cover requirements need to be assessed and whatever your requirements as a business owner the likelihood is that you will want to discuss these, not in isolation, but as part of your overall financial strategy. This is where the benefits of working with a company like Fiduciary Wealth Management really come into play. We will work with you to put in place an effective strategy to cover both your personal and business ambitions leaving you time to do what you do best which is running your company. 

For an appointment to discuss your requirements please telephone 200 50982 or email