Fiduciaries – Are you conflicted and exposed to a possible legal challenge?

Fiduciary Wealth Team

Are you offering corporate, trustee and/or foundation council services whilst at the same time providing investment advice through a subsidiary or affiliated firm?

Have you outsourced an investment mandate to a private bank or asset manager which is closely associated to yourselves?

Is the investment mandate being executed properly in accordance with the objectives of the trust or foundation?

Are the beneficiaries happy with the investment advice they are receiving?

Is there a possibility that you are conflicted and your ability to provide impartial and best advice has being compromised?

Questions like this are being raised more and more frequently. Clients no longer expect one firm to handle all aspects of their affairs. They recognise there is a need for checks and balances and for a need to engage a firm of specialists to oversee the investment mandate to ensure the beneficiaries’ interests are protected.

If you are responsible to beneficiaries and wish to safeguard the reputational risk of the firm as a result of a possible legal challenge you should consider either our risk management solutions or Protectorship services.

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