E32. Paying too much tax on your savings you deserve to pay less!?

Fiduciary Wealth Team

This article will appeal to you if you have €100,000 to invest and:
Are unhappy with your existing investment returns?
Do you need access to capital in the future?
Would like a regular tax efficient income option?
Prefer simple administration and any taxes due paid directly to Hacienda?

Does this sound like you? If it does and you are Spanish tax resident then don’t you have the right to pay only the minimum amount of tax you are legally required to do and to have an investment that allows your savings to grow TAX FREE whilst at the same time offering you access to your capital and a wide range of investment options from some of the world’s leading investment managers? This investment could be suitable to either those seeking a growth in their wealth or anyone whose objective is to receive a regular income. Furthermore if your beneficiaries are resident outside of Spain there would not be liable to local succession taxes.

With this plan there is no tax to pay until you want to withdraw and then and when it comes to taking a payment only the growth element of your gain is taxable meaning your savings might well be taxed at less than 5%. The alternative of course is much more painful, for example, if you leave your money on deposit with your bank all of your savings interest is taxed at minimum 21% and possibly as high as 27% and that is whether you draw this interest or not.

For a limited period of time we are offering savers with €100,000 or more to invest on preferential terms meaning that not only will your investment benefit from the very proactive asset management capability at Fiduciary Wealth your savings could grow more quickly with a reduction in initial set up costs.

If you want to see how much tax you could be saving ask one of the investment experts at Fiduciary Wealth to provide you with your very own personalised report.
Simply call our investment helpline on Tel: 956 796 911 or email and very soon your hard earned savings could be prospering with lower taxes and lower fees.