E19. Who do you rely on for investment advice, don’t you deserve the best?

Fiduciary Wealth Team

Well who do you rely on for investment advice, the plumber, your next door neighbour or do you just choose a fund that you like the sound of?

When it comes to financial planning finding the right product solution is only part of the equation. After all there is little point in having a really tax efficient investment if the returns are so poor there is no tax to pay in any case. Why invest in a tax efficient retirement plan if your investment returns are so poor that there is never any gain? Why invest in a bond or a tax wrapper only to find that your investment is losing value because of poor fund selection.

What you deserve is investment advice from a firm which first of all gets to understand you and what your financial objectives and goals are. This is more than just risk profiling, ticking boxes and calling you a balanced or cautious investor.

Once we are clear we understand you as an individual we will prepare a bespoke investment recommendation that will be specific to you rather than adopting a one size fits all approach. We don’t stop there of course, we take time to review your investments on a regular basis to make sure they are performing in line with our and your expectation making adjustments as and when necessary. Is your existing adviser really aware of what is happening in the financial markets? Are they prepared to sit in cash if fundamentals suggest that exiting the market is the right strategy? Does your adviser ever review your portfolio or find out if your attitude to risk has changed over a period of time? Perhaps you are languishing with the same funds that were originally selected and recommended for you despite global markets going through significant changes over the last few years.

Like some of our competitors we could just farm out the responsibility for managing your investments to a third party manager, only be involved at arms’ length and abdicate responsibility if things go wrong (oh and get paid for the privilege as well). However that’s not our way of doing things, we prefer to be proactive as your asset manager as you might expect and provide you with a complete asset management service.

If this appears to be a refreshing approach that you feel you have a right to expect why not telephone us on Tel: 956 796 911 or email so that we can explain our investment approach in more detail and help you start to take advantage of the financial products you have acquired.