E18. Are you an orphan? Don’t you deserve a new financial adviser?

Fiduciary Wealth Team

Are you an orphan client who used to deal with a financial adviser back in the UK but have lost contact or are rightly concerned that the adviser might not be able to help now that your circumstances have changed and you are Spanish resident? Maybe you had already found a new adviser when you arrived in Spain only to find out that they were unregulated or unfamiliar with the financial products you already have accumulated. Perhaps your financial adviser was working on their own or part of a small organisation unable to cope with a downturn in business exacerbated by the impact of the crisis. Or perhaps your adviser treats you like an orphan making all sorts of promises to secure your business in the first instance and then never making any further contact to maintain a healthy relationship.

Well we have some good news for you, Fiduciary Wealth will be happy to “adopt” you. If you have a portfolio of retirement plans or savings in excess of €100,000 then Fiduciary Wealth will welcome you on board as a client and take care of you moving forward. You will be delighted to know that we have the right cross border credentials to be able to advise you on both UK and Spanish financial planning matters. What’s more as well as having offices in Spain we also have an FSA approved branch in Central London very close to Oxford Street.

Fiduciary Wealth is associated with the oldest legal practice in Gibraltar, Isolas1892 and our Parent Company the Fiduciary Group has been offering its range of services to clients in the UK and throughout Europe for the last 30 years. Regulated by the Gibraltar Financial Services Commission the company offers a solid and stable alternative to many providers who have closed their doors and stopped trading in Spain.

Perhaps the one area that will make you feel most comfortable is the fact that Fiduciary Wealth will look after your financial needs on an ongoing basis. We will not leave you in the lurch having taking you on board as a client and never review your investments or take into account any changes in your circumstances. Our aim will be to provide you with an ongoing seamless service that will start with an appraisal of your current situation, your investment needs and objectives and will continue with regular reviews and assessment of your plans. All our investment recommendations are made in house and we treat each client as an individual in direct contrast to many of our competitors who are happy to outsource investment decisions to third parties and adopt a one size fits all approach.

We will be delighted to adopt you and to get the ball rolling - we simply need to arrange an initial meeting where we can discuss your financial objectives and requirements which will be followed by a written report and recommendation. For an appointment please telephone Tel: 956 796 911 or email