Dodging the Spanish taxman by pretending to have left Spain and returned to the UK

Fiduciary Wealth Team

Do you really think no one cares where you live? Do you not think the Spanish tax authorities have caught wind of the fact that expatriates are giving up their Spanish tax residency in numbers claiming to have returned to their country of birth? Hacienda is not stupid. Informed sources claim that people who have renounced their Spanish tax residency are being investigated to establish the veracity of their claims. Many expatriates are still spending more than 183 days in Spain and their centre of economic and vital interests lie in Spain. Are you one of those people dodging the Spanish taxman?

A new global standard in exchange of information and more diligent tax investigations will uncover the truth. The Spanish tax authorities may have been lax in the past but they are now obtaining reports from electricity companies, checking foreign plated cars and telephone bills to establish patterns of residency. Countries now share information so if you claim to be resident elsewhere but do not spend the requisite time in say your home country you are exposing yourself to an investigation and may end up with a massive tax liability, legal costs and personal suffering.

It need not be this way. If you are considering regularising your position in Spain and restructuring your assets in a perfectly legitimate and tax efficient way you need to speak to a cross border financial planning firm that can provide reliable financial advice. To speak to a certified financial planner about tax planning and wealth management call Tel: +34900102374 or email We are happy to arrange a private consultation with a financial planner to discuss your situation.