Cross border financial advice - do I need it?

Fiduciary Wealth Team

If you are an expat and have been wondering what all the fuss about cross border financial planning is about take a step back and think about why you invested in those tax free ISA’s or that UK investment bond that was allowing you to draw a 5% tax free income. Do you really think that the Spanish or Portuguese taxman will allow you to continue to receive a tax free return on these investments?

As soon as you exit the UK your pensions and investments take on a new life too. What was tax efficient in the UK is probably not going to be tax efficient in your new country of residence which is why you need to speak to a financial planner. Of course you can carry on using your existing adviser back in the UK but will he or she understand how tax rules in your new country of residence impact your existing plans? Of course they might be reluctant to see you go and they may pretend to understand and be authorised to offer advice overseas, but is this really the case?

Wouldn’t you be better to contact one of our certified financial planners who specialise in international tax planning and who will fully understand your situation? We specialise in offering tax led wealth management solutions to expats like you. Call +34900102374 or email for a private consultation.