Are you on cloud nine?

Fiduciary Wealth Team

Are you a British expat living in Spain (or abroad) for many years without formalising your residency?

Do you hold an offshore company or even a trust in the British Virgin Islands (BVI) or perhaps in another British self-governing territory such as Bermuda, Jersey or the Isle of Man?

Have you considered the possibility that the tax authorities in your country of residence, for example, in Spain will be tipped off?

Do you really think the tax authorities once armed with reports and information from cooperating tax authorities will be laissez -faire about you not disclosing these assets on Modelo 720 and not paying your taxes?

Are you up to speed with FATCA? Do you know that countries which have signed up to the agreement exchange information about taxpayers including personal details, account balances, payments and even holding structures?

Are you still in cloud nine or has this woken you up? Will it help if I tell you that unless you take immediate drastic action there is a possibility you will lose more than half of your accumulated non disclosed wealth.

Don’t leave it too late….we might still have a solution for you…….time is fast running out though…..

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