B26. Insurance Do You deserve to be Fully Protected?

Fiduciary Wealth Team

Life insurance may be boring but most of us need it at some time or other in our lives whether it is to protect our dependents or provide a cash lump sum to pay inheritance tax on death. We all want security for our family and a chance to maintain the financial stability we have worked so hard for. That's why it is important to look ahead and plan for the eventualities we hope might never happen.

Did you know that life assurance experts recommend a married couple with a non working spouse and children insure their lives for a minimum of 15 times the family income? Are you aware that over half the UK population have insufficient life cover and many have none at all? (Source: Aviva 2009.)

At Fiduciary Wealth we tailor our advice to suit our client's needs by offering a full suite of insurance products from those with the highest quality of cover to those that are the most competitively priced. We arrange life and critical illness cover as well as income protection and private medical cover.

Don't bury your head in the sand, talk to us about your insurance requirements and let us work together to find the right solution for you.

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