B22. You owe it to yourself to have your finances reviewed

Fiduciary Wealth Team

When was the last time you sat down and properly reviewed your financial arrangements? Most people acquire a variety of financial products during their lifetime without ever considering how they fit into their overall plans or they may focus on one aspect such as retirement planning without figuring out how this sits with the rest of their financial goals and objectives.

If you are an expatriate the problem may well be compounded by having products in more than one jurisdiction which may or may not be suitable following a change of residence.

Why not arrange a financial health check with one of the financial consultants at Fiduciary Wealth. We are able to review both UK and offshore financial arrangements and put together a working strategy for you moving forward which takes into account your current situation and financial position.

We may well be able to consolidate arrangements which will save you money, for example if you have a number of small pension plans it may be sensible to put these all together under one roof. Similarly if you have a number of different life policies it might be possible depending on your age and state of health to combine these in one new plan. We will certainly help you review your investment strategy to ensure this meets with your requirements moving forward.

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