9. You deserve a financial adviser that you can trust!

Fiduciary Wealth Team

Do you have savings and are unsure what to do with them? Have you been keeping money in an undisclosed offshore account and found that the Spanish tax authorities have finally caught up with you. Or perhaps you have your savings with your bank and are worried sick about another banking crisis and to cap it all you are earning next to nothing in return for the risk. Perhaps you have finally decided that enough is enough and after one scandal too many you have finally realised that your bank have little interest in you as a customer and are just happy to push you into one of their own products just to make another sale.

Well here is a refreshing thought. You can talk to Fiduciary Wealth about your investment needs and take advice from a fully regulated firm that understands the needs of clients like yourselves’ and that will put your interests and priorities first. Maybe you should invest in a tax wrapper or a tax efficient retirement vehicle but until we have sat down with you and taken stock of your current situation, your investment aims and objectives, your tax position and residency status and your attitude to risk we can’t and won’t tell you.

You see at Fiduciary Wealth we do not package clients into pigeon holes just to make our sales target on this product or that scheme. Nor do we believe in advising you to pay extra costs for the privilege of wrapping one product inside another.  Equally as important we will manage your investments from day one rather than outsource all investment decisions to a third party manager in Luxembourg or Switzerland who you cannot reach or contact.

Surely all this comes at a cost? Well, we do not promise to be the cheapest and we certainly won’t be the most expensive. But we will be is totally honest when it comes to disclosing our fees and the cost of any product or service we feel is suitable for you to consider. You can forget about nasty surprises and hidden fees, everything will be disclosed at the outset. If that isn’t enough to tempt you we will even throw in our guarantee that if you invest €100,000 we promise to refund your first years’ investment management fees if you are not entirely satisfied with our service.  

If this sounds like an offer you can’t refuse then you need to act quickly. For an appointment to discuss your requirements contact our hotline on Tel: 956 796 911 or email  Oh and one last thing if we cannot help we will tell you and we will not charge you for that advice either.

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