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The Values' Driven Wealth Management Company with an Impeccable History

Helping you Choose the Right Investments, Pensions and Tax Planning Without the Jargon

If you're based in the Iberian Peninsula or the UK, and you're looking for tax led bespoke wealth management, then congratulations...

You're in the right place.

Whether you're looking for investments & wealth management, pensions & retirement, tax planning or if you're looking to move abroad...

Then here at Fiduciary Wealth, we can help.

Why Choose Us?

Fiduciary Wealth is the private wealth arm of Fiduciary Group founded in 1982 and affiliated to Gibraltar's oldest legal practice Isolas1892 named a leading law firm by The IFLR 1000 and which, as the name suggests, can trace its history back more than 120 years.

With our friendly experts on hand to help you through the minefield that are investments, pensions and tax planning - you'll be able to build, protect and eventually distribute your wealth to secure the future of your loved ones.

Bullet Image Trust
Affiliated to Gibraltar's oldest legal practice founded in 1892.
Bullet Image Highly Regulated
We operate from a highly regulated British Financial Centre with an FCA authorised office in Central London.
Bullet Image Expertise
Leading providers of tax optimized investment & retirement planning advice for British Expatriates.
Bullet Image Discounts
We discount the price on the best performing Investment Houses.
Bullet Image Guarantee
365 Day Money Back Guarantee - we will give you back your first year's Investment Management Advisory Fees if you aren't totally satisfied.

But before we dive into the details.

I must make it clear that we're unlike any of our competitors.

For one - we are a values' driven wealth management company with a strong culture and an unwavering belief that we will serve you based on the mantra of integrity, exceptional service and quality of financial advice.

And for two, we are truly passionate about YOU and making your life more enjoyable and stress-free.


New European legislation enacted on 3rd January 2018 requires a firm to declare its status in terms of offering ‘independent’ or ‘non-independent’ advice.

Due to the fact that we offer a restricted range of high quality instruments from the available investment universe (for example, we do not generally advise on deposits or direct share investments) and that we deal mainly in collectives we have no choice but to classify our offering as ‘non-independent advice’. Notwithstanding, the advice provided for collectives, continues to be offered on an unbiased basis; offering best in class funds in each sector.

In addition to providing investment advice, FWML offers independent tax and financial planning advice - outside the scope of MiFID II. This advice is 'independent' in the ordinary sense of the term. That is to say, in providing such advice FWML seeks to avoid conflicts of interest and to act at all times in the best interest of the client.


Our testimonial page stuffed with happy clients proves that.

"Fiduciary Wealth became known to me by other friends who were using them for a wide range of Financial Services viz. tax planning, investment decisions and general portfolio management. Fiduciary Wealth have proved themselves to be very pro-active and readily available to discuss/advise AND alert their Clients on market changes which are of a general nature and more importantly, to tailor their experienced advice to an individual portfolio. All correspondence is dealt with very quickly and efficiently and completely 'jargon-free!'. I would certainly recommend them to any interested party who wishes to receive good 'old-fashioned' service."
Thomas Harry

"Andrew Hosking has been our financial adviser for more than 10 years, so when he introduced us to Fiduciary Wealth at the beginning of 2012 we were more than happy to continue to deal with him. His expert knowledge of pensions and investments has been critical to our retirement planning and he continues to deliver excellent results regularly reviewing our portfolio and re allocating funds."
Mr & Mrs Moore

"For 25 years we have had a succession of very "average" financial advisers but since we changed to our current adviser Paul Correa of Fiduciary Wealth in April 2008 the service and quality of the financial as well as investment advice received has been above all our expectations. "
Mr & Mrs Smith

With our glistening customer service, proud heritage and industry-leading team of experts, we're the company you've been looking for.

Download your Free Expat Guide

So I would like to offer you a free copy of our Expat Guide – "The Ultimately Guide to Protect your Wealth and Minimise your Taxes in Spain" an easy-to-read version on expat financial advice in Spain.

Then once you've read the guide, I'd like to offer you a completely free private consultation with a regulated and authorised Financial Adviser (worth £500).

Get your Free 5-Step Financial Assessment (worth £500)

Here is your chance to have a "Free financial assessment (worth £500)" with a fully regulated financial adviser who will talk you through the five key steps to maximise your wealth in Spain. To schedule your free appointment please email us at or phone us on Tel: +34 951 319 727.

It's your chance to ask those burning questions and ensure you get the best solution for you and your family.

All you need to do is hit the button and we'll then instantly email you the guide and we'll be in touch to organise your free private consultation.

We focus on three main elements. To create wealth, preserve wealth and transfer wealth.

Let me explain...

Create Wealth Read More

We're specialists in helping you manage and grow your financial assets.

We understand that no two clients are the same and many factors need taking into consideration to ensure that your financial plan is right for you.

Once we have the right financial plan, that's where we can focus on creating your wealth, providing financial support to your family, business and loved ones.

When we've determined your financial planning goals, we'll make an assessment of your appetite for risk and we'll devise a bespoke investment strategy that will make use of a tax efficient saving and retirement scheme to minimize personal taxation.

Regardless of where you are now on your wealth management journey, you'll find our services highly valuable.

Whether you need support with your wealth planning needs, reviewing existing financial goals or simply getting an opinion on your current financial arrangements.

Preserve Wealth Read More

The next stage is the preservation of wealth.

As life moves on, your financial circumstances change and so too does your financial planning needs.

At some point in your journey the emphasis will shift from wealth creation to wealth protection and the need to consider a variety of strategies to protect your wealth for the future.

However, the way in which you hold your assets then becomes a central issue in the management of your wealth, sometimes requiring legal, tax and financial planning advice.

This ensures your assets are tax optimized, preserve wealth and there's a smooth transition to your heirs.

If you're then looking for a lasting legacy for you and your family, we can focus on a forward-looking wealth preservation strategy.

Usually at this point, we recommend that you reassess your insurance requirements to ensure that your family and/or business are fully protected against death, critical illness and disability.

At this point, there will be a need to manage your financial assets in order to maintain value and produce income.

Depending on your portfolio size, you may consider engaging the services of a risk management consultant to monitor the management of your wealth.

Transfer Wealth Read More

Although planning for the worst-case scenario isn't an easy subject to consider, it's vitally important that the right financial planning arrangements are in place.

Not only will it reduce the stress and help the grieving of your loved ones, but it will also ensure that your estate is distributed in an orderly and thoughtful manner.

Putting the right structure in place will ensure that your wealth is transferred to your loved ones in the most tax efficient way, keeping unnecessary administrative costs to the minimum.

Ensuring that the process and unavoidable-time is as stress-free as possible for the people that care about you.

What are the next steps?

With our team of experts, specialising in investments, pensions and tax planning – you'll have one point of contact for all your financial needs.

Ensuring that your finances are in order, you're neither wasting your time or your energy and that we can have a solid highly beneficial relationship.

Have a read through our website, select the pages that apply to you and once you're confident that we're the right company to support you, we'd like to invite you to a free no-obligation consultation.

This will give you a chance to speak to one of our experts and get access to their expertise and guidance, ensuring that collectively you make the right decision.

If you then decide that you'd like our help, then we offer you the opportunity to work together.

Get your Free Taxation Assessment (worth £1,000)

If you are considering engaging our services, we are happy to arrange a "Free Taxation Assessment (worth £1,000)", at no charge and with no obligation to you. During your assessment, we'll review your current situation and determine how to reduce your tax on your investments and pensions in Spain.

If you'd like to speak to one of our experts, then all you have to do is call us on Tel: +34 951 319 727 or email

It's completely free and you'll get our expert input with no obligation or commitments.

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