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Why should I be worried about Modelo 720?

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If you’ve been following our articles Assets Outside of Spain Can Mean Big Pain you will know that holding assets outside of Spain means these will have to be reported by you and will soon be automatically reported under new Cross Border Agreements. The Spanish government will be able to compare what you disclose with the information they are provided with elsewhere. It would make sense to ensure you have all your bases covered.

Are you resident in the right tax jurisdiction?

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Tax residency is an essential piece of the jigsaw when it comes to your financial well being. Have you found the right one for you? Read our article Have You Thought About Saving Tax by Becoming a Gibraltar Resident?  and book an appointment to discuss your options in more detail.

Will I be better off with a QROPS?

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The answer is I don’t know but have a read of our latest article Why You Might Want to Consider a QROPS and then we can arrange an appointment with one of our specialist advisers who will help you decide which is the best course of action for you.

Modelo 720 is just the tip of the Iceberg!

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Disclosure, disclosure, disclosure! Do you know that your Modelo 720 form will now be compared with data that is being gathered automatically under Common Reporting Standards and your Spanish Tax return. Read our article Modelo 720 It Won't Go Away and book a consultation before it’s too late.

How can I avoid death taxes when I die?

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If you live in Spain you might need to think about both UK IHT and Spanish succession tax. Take a look at our latest article Can You Help Me Avoid Having to Pay Death Taxes? and then arrange to speak to one of our dedicated succession tax specialists who can review your situation and advise you of the options available to you.

Caught out by unregulated investments?

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Are you one of the many expats living in Spain who have suffered from poor investment advice and been recommended to use unregulated or non-mainstream investment funds. Read our article Unregulated and Non-Mainstream Investments  and contact us for a free review. You are not alone and we are here to help!

Are you ready for automatic disclosure?

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New Common Reporting Standards take effect from January 2016 when data will begin to be collected and the Spanish authorities will know everything about your overseas assets. Should you be prepared? Take a look at our article Is FATCA and Exchange of Information Agreements about to bite?  and contact us for an urgent review. 

Want to make the most of new pension flexibility and still minimise your tax liability?

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If you are not sure which way you should go take a look at our latest article New pension rules we can all benefit from advice  and book an appointment with a cross border retirement planning specialist. The consultation is free so what have you got to lose? 

Concerned about the new pension rules?

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You and me both! Me for clients who think they can withdraw all their funds without thinking about the tax consequences. Read our latest article Do you still need pension advice?  and arrange an appointment with one of our retirement planning consultants who can guide you through the new rules and how they will affect you Concerned about how the new pension rules will affect you?

Worried you might make the wrong choice?

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Choosing the best way to invest your hard earned savings when resident in Spain is not always easy and there are a number of pitfalls you need to be wary of. Read our latest article Is the Spanish ISA the perfect solution for you?  on tax efficient investing and then take advantage of our special offers.

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